Understanding all aspects of your customer, industry and target market are crucial first steps to the success of any business. Before you invest a significant amount of time, money, and resources into your product or service, you need to be armed with the research, analytics, and strategy that validate the need for your product in the market. At Tallwave, we combine elements of both primary and secondary research to give you a 360 degree unbiased view of your business. We survey, interview and test your product with actual users and identify the white space within your market that you should be attacking head on. We synthesize the information and formulate a plan to execute upon these opportunities.

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Directional Survey

Small sample size; Better understand the target personas identity, behaviors; and pain points; Used to guide other steps.

Secondary Research

Industry Ecosystem; Supply Chain; Mkt Segment Sizing; Market Dynamics (Trends, Risks, Opptys Regulatory, Challenges); Spend on Products/Services.

Validation Survey

Larger sample size; Dig further into needs and pain points; Develop primary validation of potential advisory service opportunities.

One-on-One Interviews

45-60 minute interviews; Extract deep insight as from industry veterans; Validate pain points and service opportunities from secondary research & surveys.

Product Testing

We recruit users that match the user persona identified. Then, we test the prototype with users to quickly learn what works and what doesn’t work. We test the product value propositions, as well as the intuitiveness and usability of the product.


Our team synthesizes prototype test results and we discuss the findings with you as a team.

Go-To-Market Plan

Transition the learnings from the research into a specific, actionable approach to market the new service.


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