Chalk Digital is a software platform that allows people to create and launch geo-targeted, mobile, in-app advertisements in minutes from their smart phone.

The Challenge

In order to achieve their vision - to make advertising affordable, easy, and available to everyone - they knew that the keystone would be having an intuitive, engaging user experience (UX). They turned to Tallwave design expertise to create the workflows to help novice advertisers produce quality mobile ads.


We facilitated a design studio that quickly generated UX concepts that struck a balance between ease of use and the ability to customize. That work was then synthesized into full-featured, non-visual designs, visual designs and a UI Kit the Chalk team could put to use.


Since this engagement, Chalk Digital has been seeing high adoption and usage of their platform, including national distributors. The user experience is full of clean and simple interactions that maintain robust functionality - ultimately enabling the creation of great mobile ads.