The Challenge

The dental implant industry - a space quickly moving from analog to digital. Our client had a product concept, called DropDental, that they envisioned to be the dental industry’s first platform to allow dentists, labs, designers and manufacturers to transfer digital dental implant files between all parties, reducing product turnaround time to minutes or hours, instead of days and weeks.

The company was challenged by building a completely new software business, while balancing the needs of an already established services company. They needed to design commercially viable product for a nuanced industry while also instilling confidence in potential investors with just a prototype.


After collaborative design and ideation sessions, Tallwave developed a prototype and tested the concept with real users.

Tallwave utilized feedback from the user testing process to develop a Technical Requirements Document that prioritized feature sets of DropDental’s software build. This process helped reduce the initial build estimate received from other outside firms by almost 50%.

DropDental selected Tallwave as the front-end developer and project management team that facilitated the development of the software build. Tallwave’s user-centric approach, and commitment to validating assumptions made DropDental feel confident that the right business outcomes were always in focus during development.


Tallwave turned DropDental’s idea into interactive prototype and tested it with real users. With concept validation, DropDental was able to raise funds for full development in just 30 days.

Tallwave helped DropDental, a mature services company with no technical experience, launch a successful software business.