The Challenge

DUFL is a mobile app that gives frequent business travelers the freedom to roam untethered. Its secure, sophisticated platform delivers your bag where and when you need it. With each use your clothing is cleaned the way you like it, stored in your virtual closet and prepared for your next trip.

When you’re disrupting how something is done, there’s always risk. Risks around product, marketing, and user adoption are always present. This is something three-time successful entrepreneur who founded DUFL understood well. So he turned to Tallwave to help him alleviate some of that risk and make this his biggest success yet.


Tallwave started with a Business Blueprint, a day-long workshop that unpacks the entire business. That set the stage for the rest of the work, making sure the team was focusing on those things that were most impactful to the business. That included prototyping, user testing, and the full build of the app. In parallel we also helped to craft DUFL's brand messaging and implement it on their externally facing marketing website.

Over the few months, Tallwave also provided the front-end design and code for the DUFL iOS app. We worked hand-in-hand with DUFL’s product management and backend development team to handoff code, on-time and on-schedule.


Since it’s launch in 2015, the app is seeing steady adoption and growth, and has been featured on CNBC, TechCrunch, The Wall Street Journal, and Inc., among others. And the company has successfully expanded beyond business travel and into sporting equipment and merchandise.