EcoHub is a sustainable product recycling and remanufacturer that repurposes 100% of the local waste stream. As a service disrupting the recycling and waste management industries, they needed to distinguish the brand from the general “green movement” and other waste management services.

EcoHub also needed a strong brand that would be understood by many stakeholders to encourage buy-in and investment. Their existing site and messaging did not communicate their mission.


Tallwave worked with EcoHub on branding and positioning to articulate their differentiated value, compelling voice, and visual identity to help them win the hearts and minds of municipalities, investors and community members.

Tallwave’s brand and business strategists...

  • Facilitated a branding and naming workshop.
  • Created a Brand ID (colors, visuals).
  • Developed brand messaging, including brand story, value propositions, positioning statement, benefits and reasons to believe.
  • Transition the core branding into externally facing website and marketing materials to implement the rebrand.


EcoHub’s value is clearly demonstrated through their brand and website. The simple, yet effective messaging make EcoHub’s innovative concept accessible to many audiences.

Tallwave implemented a contemporary website with an improved user experience that elevates the brand above simply “green”, “recycling” or “manufacturing” with images that clearly communicate the mission.