The Challenge

Kannact is a platform for managing diabetes.

Founded in 2014, Kannact was experiencing strong growth and adoption, and was poised to continue on that path. Their vision was to grow the platform beyond diabetes and into the management of all chronic illnesses.

Being first and foremost technologists and doctors, they had been marketing the product with an abstract name in drab, inconsistent ways that were incongruous with who they were or the platform they provided. And they knew it. So the CEO and COO brought us on board to help them develop a strong purpose, position, and visual ID in order to bring the fit and finish of the brand in line with their team, aspirations, and product.


Tallwave worked with Kannact to create branding and positioning that complemented the high-quality product and company values. We conducted brand audits of Kannact and their competition and facilitated an intense, collaborative workshop with their team.

Following this process we helped Kannact articulate why they started the company in the first place, what mattered most to them and what would help them stand out in the market - their passion for improving people’s health. This led a set of core brand values, brand messaging, and a visual ID that would be applied across every aspect of the company’s operations from the website, collateral, product, and hiring.


The result is a brand that the Kannact leadership has personally invested in and has been passionate in advocating. More importantly, the new visual and verbal identity has placed Kannact in its rightful place amongst its innovative healthcare technology peers.