The Challenge

PayPal’s internal teams approached us, needing help with various internal and external projects. From onboarding effectiveness, to UX challenges across many platforms and apps, they needed an innovative eye to overcome some of these many obstacles they face.


Designers from Tallwave worked with PayPal’s domestic and international teams to improve the user experience on various points of their onboarding experience.

Tallwave also helped their internal design team with the UX design of their native iOS app and modules within the app that drive user engagement.

Along the way, Tallwave introduced new design techniques and processes to the design teams within PayPal - helping their entire organization adopt modern pen-sketching techniques to aid in ideation and speed the design process.


Tallwave has assisted PayPal in the design of multiple projects for users all over the world who interact with the app in various languages, countries, and contexts.

The Tallwave design team also introduced PayPal’s design teams to new techniques and processes that drive innovation. From sketching with Inkwell, to paper prototyping workshops, Tallwave’s team was able to make a significant impact on how PayPal's product and design culture.