The Challenge

Picmonic is a fast growth company that provides a study aid for medical students to accelerate learning through “visual mnemonic” science. Establishing themselves in a new category they were defining, they faced a couple challenges.

First, “visual mnemonics” are highly unique, interactive pictures, with the purpose of helping medical students learn very complex concepts. Because their product is so acutely focused on visuals, the interactivity in the user experience was a critical component to get right. Adding to the complexity was the fact that those visuals would be consumed on multiple products - web, mobile, tablet.

Second, Picmonic had to figure out the most effective way to get this product in the hands of its very specific target market.


Tallwave implemented the full Visual Design and App Build for Picmonic - starting with persona development and design studio workshops. The end result was a functional design, tested, ready for development.

In addition, we conducted extensive market analysis. We identified that the best opportunity for success was in bringing the product to the market via a grassroots field sales/marketing effort.


Picmonic captured over 30% of their market in the first year and raised several million dollars in venture capital. They have since expanded the product line to nursing students, and have plans for additional markets.