The Challenge

5th Dimension Logistics and Superior Financial Services were operating in the Payment Gateway and Payment Services spaces offering transaction processing products.

As they merged to form one entity, they needed to rebrand to encompass the values and vision of both companies, while not losing the reputation that each company had built over the years. It was important to develop a brand that helped them stake a claim within the extremely fast-moving, hot payment processing sector.

The challenge was developing a brand that stands apart and embodies the market position, core brand values, and is competitive with its contemporaries.


Tallwave worked with the client on branding and positioning to articulate their differentiated value, compelling voice, and visual identity to help them win the hearts and minds of customers.

Tallwave’s brand and business strategists...

  • Facilitated a branding and naming workshop.
  • Created a Brand ID (colors, logo, visuals).
  • Developed brand messaging, including brand story, value propositions, positioning statement, benefits and reasons to believe.
  • Transition the core branding into externally facing marketing materials to implement the rebrand.


The company adopted a new, impactful brand, called SPARROW, tying together the two businesses in a clean and contemporary way. The new messaging for SPARROW is bold, and reflects the leadership role the company plays in the industry.

The new name is not “payment” centric, helping SPARROW standout in an industry full of “look-alikes” - giving the brand room to grow and continue to innovate. A logo was introduced that conveys speed, agility and strength, which are a the core of the value propositions within the marketplace.

Sparrow stands out in the payment technology discussion, engaging its current customer base, and continually winning over new customers.