The Challenge

talk2Legends founder, Ryan Hermansky, had a big idea. He wanted to use technology to make talking with a professional ath­lete as convenient as talking to your best friend.

Ryan needed to take his concept from the back-of-the-napkin sketch to the app store. As a solo entrepreneur, he needed a services partner that would work with him every step of the way to design, build and launch talk2Legends.


Tallwave took a holistic, user-centric approach to the design and development of the talk2Legends app. After testing a prototype with users, Tallwave focused on prioritizing the top feature sets while designing the app to drive customer acquisition on its own.

The development process wasn’t just about writing code, but also focusing on brand, design and growth strategies.


After developing a prototype with positive user feedback, Ryan was able to generate investor interest in only a matter of weeks to allow him to develop the full app.

The strong brand message developed with Tallwave set the talk2Legends apart, and compelled 200 pro athletes to join pre-launch, along with a strong list of beta users.

Tallwave worked with Ryan on the iOS development and today Talk2Legends is available on the AppStore.