Accomplish Your Advertising Goals During the Coronavirus Outbreak

April 8th — 1:00pm PST

Hosted by Brendan McInerney, Paid Media Team Lead

Now, more than ever, brands need to get smart about their budgets and evaluate the channels that will allow them to endure and grow during this time.

To help guide where you should consider shifting your budget, we’ve created a high-level assessment of the channels that will see changes, what that means for your marketing budget and business, and how you can act now to accomplish your goals and reach your bottom line.

Presentation and live Q&A with Brendan McInerney, Tallwave's Paid Media Team Lead

What to expect

  • High-level assessment of advertising channels that have been impacted
  • Guidance on how you should consider shifting your marketing budget
  • Live Q&A with Tallwave’s Paid Media Team Lead

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