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Doing big things requires people who get it – people who are told they can’t change things and then go ahead and change them anyway. People who embrace a maverick attitude, who challenge convention, and think beyond the ask. These are the kinds of people that affect positive change and growth.

We’re committed to lifelong learning
Our team is always curious and focused on personal growth. As a learning organization, we offer both formal learning programs and monthly “Lunch & Discuss” sessions to keep growing together as a team.
We take care of our people
Just like we take care of our business. We’re more concerned about how we work than where we work. Along with a variety of comprehensive insurance and disability plans, we offer remote work, office hours flexibility, and unlimited PTO as needed.
“We,” not “me” mindset
Our people have some seriously strong leadership qualities and a knack for collaboration. We’re thoughtfully rigorous with a strong work ethic and a keen attention to detail.
We stop to celebrate
Whether it’s our “Cheers for Peers,” happy hours, values-based awards during our All Hands meetings, or high-fives in the hallway, we always make sure to recognize the contributions of the individuals and teams at Tallwave.

What’s work without a little fun?

Our leadership team

Our leadership team is composed of bold, intuitive, and original thinkers that help our clients and their teams reach their fullest potentials.

Jeff Pruitt

"I believe in the freedom of the individual and love working with people who strive to be their best self and drive positive impact in their craft and the people around them."

Ed Borromeo

"The stuff we do is super fun, and the people we get to do it with are badass. What a privilege to work with these teammates and partner clients!"

Chris Meinerz

"At Tallwave, we embrace our highest privilege and responsibility of inspiring, growing and developing our people and clients — our passion for service is relentless!"

Stephanie Leach

"We build high performance, cohesive websites and applications with reliable back-end integration to bring to life a brand experience that enables our clients’ Customer Digital Strategy."

Andrea Parsons

VP, Client & Consultative Services
"At Tallwave, all ideas are considered, bringing out the best for our employees and clients."

Jesus Ramirez

VP, Strategy & Innovation
"I believe in mission, team and culture above all else. I'm inspired by ours everyday and I'm excited about what we're all building together."

Jen Bonfilio

VP, People
"At Tallwave, we know our people are our greatest asset. Our commitment to creating an employee experience that allows you to be your authentic self, do awesome work and never stop growing is why I’m proud to be a part of this team."

Robert Wallace

VP, Corporate Development
"Our commitment to our values was established early on. While they’ve evolved, they’re largely the same, and are what has made Tallwave an amazing place to this day."

Jen Walsh

Sr Director, Design & Research
"I’m a big believer in a human-centered design philosophy. The best part of my job is the ‘human’ part, designing solutions that make real peoples' lives better — users, consumers, and our clients."

Gary Coraggio

Director, Business Development
"What I have always loved about Tallwave are the amazing people that I am proud to call my teammates. One of our company values is Selfless Teamwork and that isn't just bulletin board material, we truly believe it and practice it every day."

Kailen Campbell

Director, Operations
"I feel at home at Tallwave. We get genuinely excited about our work and we love our clients — so much so that I’ve literally been hugged by them! You're probably winning at life when you work with people that hug you."

Dallas McLaughlin

Director, Performance Marketing
"I believe in taking risks. What's working for businesses today might not be what works tomorrow. So, let's go try and find that next thing before the rest of the world beats us to it."

Angeline Dawson

Director, Program Management
"My days are spent working alongside incredibly talented people creating cool sh*t for innovative clients. I am surrounded by greatness and it forces me to consistently up my game."

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