We’re a digital agency

 At Tallwave, we aspire to never fit the mold. We find parity boring, and we’re constantly challenging ourselves to deliver innovative solutions with speed, precision, and impeccable craftsmanship.


Not your average workplace

Our diverse team is composed of some of the brightest and unique minds out there. While we work hard, we’re all about taking breaks from work and having fun together. No matter what projects we’re working on, we recognize the importance of celebrating and bonding together whatever the occasion.


Maverick attitude

To be a maverick, you must embrace an unconventional way of thinking. We take a few calculated risks to find the best outcome for our clients.

Relentless pursuit

We never stop being curious. Curiosity leads to learning, to growing, to persevering through even the toughest challenges.

Selfless teamwork

None of us are in this race alone. We know combining our efforts leads to better work. And in the end, we celebrate the efforts and contributions made by all.

Thoughtful rigor

We solve difficult problems with thoughtfulness and precision. We believe details matter. We take pride in our work.


Calling all mavericks

We’re looking for thoughtful, dedicated, and collaborative problem solvers to join the team.

Our Story

A partner in creating exceptional customer experiences

We started as a small group motivated to bring innovative ideas to life. Over the years we’ve launched startups, helped Fortune 500 companies transform their brands and products, and assisted in driving growth and value for hundreds of companies.


Through it all, one thing has remained: Our focus on  providing an incredible experience for people at every step of their journey.

We believe that growth, relevancy, and innovation are all driven by experience. It’s what attracts customers to your brand and turns them into loyal advocates. It’s why we pride ourselves on creating amazing customer experiences—transformative experiences that simultaneously solve for the needs and expectations of the customer and the needs of the business. 


The world, market, and customer expectations are constantly evolving. We partner with change agents at ambitious companies who anticipate and embrace change and drive to where the puck is headed. We identify opportunities, break down barriers, and accelerate growth. And that’s what makes us so excited about the future of our partners, clients, and employees.

The company we keep

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Jeff Pruitt


“We started Tallwave to build something great, that makes impact and lasts beyond us all. Doing so takes mavericks — employees who align with our values and client partners who want to create exceptional experiences for their employees and customers. We are proud of what we have created and are extremely excited for our future.”


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