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What is Customer Journey Mapping?

Customer journey mapping is a process through which a company explores the different paths a prospective customer might follow to go from awareness to consideration, conversion, and usage of a product, service, or brand.

Where service blueprinting takes an organizational lens to understand the operational drivers of the customer experience, customer journey mapping allows companies to channel the perspective of the customer to better understand how customers interact with them, where they experience friction in their journeys, and what they can do to improve the experience.



The primary tangible output of this effort is a custom journey map, which plots the end-to-end stages of the journey, the pain points customers encounter, the actions they take, and what they think and feel all along the way. An intangible output is simply knowing your customers better by developing deeper empathy for them. Both of these outputs offer considerable value to companies looking to improve their current customer experience, uncover unmet needs that may represent business growth opportunities, and align internal teams around a shared vision for who the target audience is and the best strategy for serving them. 

Why Customer Journey Mapping?

Customer journey mapping allows you to understand the customer experience and build customer empathy so you can better design solutions for the customer’s true needs. The journey mapping process is crucial for breaking down every stage of the customer’s journey.

This process illuminates how customers go from recognizing they have a need to finding, selecting, and using your product or service to address it. Customer journey mapping uncovers friction points that may be hindering their experience or, worse, preventing them from reaching their goal.

Benefits of Customer Journey Mapping

Gain Better Customer Insights

By gaining a deeper understanding of your customers through journey mapping, you will be able to get a holistic view of the steps they take when they set out to solve a problem or meet a need, how they find potential solutions, the actions they take in deciding on a solution, and how they use your product or service. Insights into their drivers, motivations, and points of friction allow you to pinpoint areas of the greatest opportunity for making improvements and enhancing the end-to-end customer experience. This shift to a customer-focused perspective leads to a more informed view of the customer personas, which in turn allows you to create more targeted marketing campaigns that result in improved customer engagement, conversion, and retention.

Anticipate Customer Needs

The insights gained from customer journey mapping allows you to identify moments that excite as well as moments that may cause frustration. By learning when and where your customers are experiencing these moments in their journeys, you can take a proactive approach with your customer service to identify the right time to step in to offer assistance. By being able to anticipate the moment your customers will need you to intervene, you will build trust and provide a more seamless, positive user experience.

Boost Your Customer Retention Rate

It only takes one bad experience with your brand to lose a customer. Thirty-three percent of customers are ready to switch brands after just one bad interaction. By utilizing customer journey mapping, you can get ahead of the game to identify the pain points as well as the customers who are ready to switch brands before they leave. 

The Tallwave Approach to
Customer Journey Mapping

Tallwave has specialized in customer-centered experience design since the start. We use a variety of methods to understand the people, processes, and systems that define your customers’ journeys. This includes in-depth customer research, data analysis, and synthesis of market trends. 



The result isn’t just a journey map, it’s a roadmap for more effective customer engagement, acquisition, and retention.



We begin with collaborative workshops to define both business and customer goals, explore your target audience, and unpack organizational knowledge on customer journey phases and interaction points to develop a preliminary map of the customer journey.



We meet with real customers to detail their wants and needs, extrapolate thoughts and emotions, and identify moments of truth and pain points. This allows us to both calibrate and enrich our preliminary mapping with primary data to achieve a validated journey map.



We look at your customers’ experience from every angle with a highly skilled integrated team from a variety of disciplines. We analyze your customer segments, define and prioritize personas, and pinpoint opportunities within the customer journey to enhance the experience and deliver value to both the customer and your business.



Along with the visual customer journey map, we deliver key insights and recommendations and a detailed action plan for deeper customer engagement, higher conversion and retention, and greater financial growth.

Tallwave utilizes customer journey maps to solve a variety of problems. Our holistic journey maps focus on so much more than just the customer experience touchpoints at the surface. We dig deep to reveal the discrepancies between what internal teams believe is important and what customers really value. This allows us to uncover root issues that impact customer experience at every stage of their journey.

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