Is Your Customer Experience Making it or Breaking it?

Customer loyalty is won (and lost) in key CX moments

We focus on the moments that matter most

Tallwave’s CX Enhancement Solutions help you reimagine your customer experience to drive better business outcomes. Whether it’s optimizing the purchase experience, enhancing the post-purchase journey, or refining how organizations deliver a consistent customer experience, we help companies across the spectrum make sh*t happen with our proven solutions.

What makes us different

Unlike traditional agencies, we look beyond the digital customer touchpoints to consider the entire customer experience. Our strategies map the business results you’re trying to achieve to the breakage points in your customer experience and solutions to address them.


Our recommendations are bold, pragmatic, and can be executed immediately using your resources, ours, or a combination of the two.


Best of all, we don’t just do the work for you, we do it with you. We share what we learn along the way, empowering you to make incremental improvements and drive momentum more quickly.


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Helping Brands Succeed in Make-or-Break Moments

At Tallwave, we’ve identified several moments along the customer journey that can strengthen or weaken the relationship between you and your customers. Succeeding or failing in these moments can make or break that relationship. Critical moments include: 

Critical moments

The Moment of Commitment:

The moment customers see potential value from engaging with your brand. As a result, they’re willing to commit time or money or complete a high-value action.

The Moment of Truth:

The moment your customer experience fulfills or falls short of your brand promise in the eyes of your customer. 

The Moment of Adoption:

The moment a consumer subconsciously accepts your product or service and makes it an essential part of their life — usually a result of several positive, consistent experiences with your brand. 

How Tallwave helps in these make-or-break moments:

Optimize the purchase experience:

Helping you create customer experiences that clearly communicate your value to consumers and drive purchase conversion.

Moment of commitment
See how a large food distribution company evolved their CX through new value-added services.  

Enhance the post-purchase experience:

Helping you delight first-time customers with your products or services.

Moment of truth.
See how a leading global financial services company improved the internal customer experience by delivering a better, faster way to manage relationships with the company’s high-value customers.   

Design a customer flywheel experience:

Helping you deliver a consistent and positive brand experience across multiple touchpoints.


Moment of adoption.
See how Banner Health increased usage of their self-service portal and consumption of content through an increase of page views, keyword visibility, and organic sessions.  


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Our unique approach to reimagining the customer journey allows us to solve customers’ problems and makes people want to work with us.

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Learn how we helped improve the make-or-break moments for our clients.

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