Bunger Steel

Using SEO and content strategy to drive qualified traffic to new website


Bunger Steel is Arizona’s largest steel building and components vendor, family-owned and operated since 1974. 

Tallwave designed and developed a new website and brand image for Bunger Steel in order to showcase their expertise and quality of work. The next step was to ensure that potential customers were able to find the website with ease.


We created content with the purpose of meeting customers where they are in the buyer journey.


While their new website was beautiful and reflected their brand image, they needed help increasing new building leads.

Bunger Steel was looking to increase new building leads. Building a new website equipped with beautiful branding and imagery wasn’t enough. We needed to drive customers to their website and increase organic conversion rate.


We needed to figure out a way to drive new traffic to the site and increase requests for a quote.


Bunger Steel is local to Arizona, their business is unique — but Bunger wasn’t standing out among the competition in the digital space. They needed something to set them apart while establishing themselves as a knowledgeable industry leader.


In order to do this, Bunger needed to rank higher within Google for common queries users were searching for.


And then needed to provide valuable thoughtful answers and insights once the user landed on their page and have high-quality content to guide their user through the purchasing funnel



Bunger Steel needed something to set them apart while establishing themselves as a knowledgeable industry leader.

In order to kick off this process, we first conducted a content workshop with the team at Bunger Steel to ensure we understood their consumers and the types of questions they asked on a regular basis, what makes Bunger Steel unique, what message they want to convey and who they wanted to target.


Next, our SEO team conducted keyword research in order to determine what consumers were already searching for in the digital space. We then took our findings to create a content calendar. This content calendar included blog articles, case studies and main website pages including the keywords and themes that we identified through our research. The different types of content we created were brand awareness, establishing industry expertise, POV on market trends and answering common questions. 


We created content with the purpose of meeting customers where they are in the buyer journey. We aimed to answer their questions, fulfill their search queries and ultimately help guide them through the purchasing funnel while positioning Bunger Steel as an expert in the industry. These themes were then compiled into a content calendar in order to ensure consistency and alignment. 


Finally, we monitored the performance of every piece of content we produced and used it as a guide for future content. Examining sessions, time on site, and keyword rankings helped to inform us on what types of content performed best ie. longform vs short, lists, informative etc., which social channels performed best and a posting cadence that was optimal.

Ranking Key Terms
1 +
Sessions Increase
1 %
Organic leads increase
1 %

Through our efforts, we saw an increase in both blog traffic and organic leads.

These content efforts proved successful with an increase in organic traffic and website leads. Website traffic increased month by month and organic search became responsible for the vast majority of website leads (91% in October and 72% in November). 


Sessions to the blog section of the website increased 30% M/M from the second and third months post implementation. By the third month, the blog section of the website was ranking for 425 key terms (and counting). This meant that Bunger Steels blog was showing up in a Search Engine Results Page when people were searching for 425 different queries. 


Bunger Steel also received a request for a quote on one of their largest buildings to date and won the bid! This won business can be attributed to their website and content efforts.

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