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Whether it’s optimizing the purchase experience, enhancing the post-purchase journey, or refining how organizations deliver a consistent customer experience, here's how we've helped companies across the spectrum break down barriers and accelerate growth.

Optimizing the Purchase Experience

Using customer journey mapping to uncover rich audience insights and align experience to customer needs

The challenge

Tallwave recently worked with a large family-owned food distributor to define customer experiences by segment to identify customized areas of opportunity. The organization works with restaurants, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and other industries across the Southwest to provide goods and services to meet customer needs. 

The approach

To map the customer journey, Tallwave conducted qualitative and quantitative research to understand stakeholder needs and challenges along the way. To create this approach, Tallwave:

  • Interviewed and shadowed restaurant owners and sales managers 
  • Shadowed delivery drivers and warehouse employees 
  • Surveyed various audience segments 
  • Analyzed sales and CRM data to identify behavior patterns, motivations, and priorities 
  • Identified critical moment breakdowns for each persona group 
  • Defined scalable personalized programs to create a unique onboarding and fulfillment experience
The results

With this approach, Tallwave identified 5 categories of opportunity that impacted one or more critical moments within the customer journey. By doing so, Tallwave zeroed in on $177,000 in additional revenue opportunities by segment within the passive Net Promoter Score category.

Enhancing the Post-
Purchase Experience

Using service blueprinting to uncover opportunities to streamline service delivery and delight high-value customers with superior CX

The challenge

Tallwave helped a global financial services company set itself apart from the competition through above-and-beyond service to elite cardholders. As a strategic partner, Tallwave created a service blueprint to better understand customers, centralize their information, and provide a streamlined customer experience.

The approach

Tallwave used the following approach to help the company rethink its product development lifecycle and build a platform that enabled a white-glove service to cardholders: 

  • Defined needs, radical collaboration, rapid prototyping, and continual testing 
  • Held working sessions with their production team, subject matter experts, and leaders across divisions 
  • Used agile planning to create, validate, and launch an improved customer experience
The results

Through this approach, Tallwave improved communication between agents and cardholders and implemented a proactive approach to service delivery with personalized information. The end results were better agent empowerment and an improved customer experience at half the cost of the original budget.

Designing a New
Customer Experience

Using digital experience optimization to deliver a positive website experience that drives deeper brand engagement and self-service adoption

The challenge

A major healthcare system in the western United States tapped Tallwave to help increase customer consumption of web content, increase user engagement for their self-service Find a Doctor and Find a Location tools, and generate more online appointments.

The approach

Tallwave implemented a digital experience optimization strategy combining audience research, content strategy and development, and SEO to attract customers and drive high-value actions with a persona-driven website experience. With the following approach, Tallwave helped the healthcare system increase user engagement:

  • Created new information architecture for each service line to ensure accurate positioning on the website
  • Interviewed key stakeholders within the healthcare system to uncover accurate, deeper, and more relevant information for consumers
  • Configured content outlines for each service line page with relevant keywords, internal linking strategy, and enticing meta descriptions and title tags to improve search visibility
The results

By focusing on website CX enhancements, Tallwave helped the healthcare system achieve a 65% increase in keyword visibility. The system saw a 24% increase in organic website sessions between January and June 2020 and a 55% growth in views for Imaging, Physical Therapy, and Orthopedics pages.

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