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Tallwave Team / May 25, 2021

The world as we know it has changed forever. Or has it?

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Tallwave Team / May 25, 2021

The world as we know it has changed forever. Or has it?

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Tallwave Takes Texas: Meet the Dallas Team

Now that our Dallas office is open for business, we’d like to introduce you to the Tallwavers ready to shake things up and make waves for clients, new and old.

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How to Brainstorm for Innovation

Brainstorming isn’t always easy. Here’s how to brainstorm for innovation with a few of our favorite brainstorming activities.

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Prepare, Survive, Thrive: CX Strategies to Recession-Proof Your Business

The COVID-19 pandemic sent the world into an economic tailspin. Mass furloughs and layoffs resulted in increased consumer anxiety and decreased consumer spending—retail sales sank 22% only to rebound to 16% higher than pre-pandemic levels in just a few months. Supply chain disruptions and misalignments led to increased costs across industries. Gas prices fell 50% in early 2020 only to surge 160% in early 2021. Fueled by a buying frenzy, housing costs rose around 18% but are starting to reverse as interest rates climb, increasing monthly mortgage costs by over 40%. And then there’s inflation… It’s been an economic rollercoaster.

Instagram Updates

Do You Hate the New Instagram Update? You’re Not Alone

Instagram’s recent changes have sparked outrage by many users, including Kylie Jenner who has over 301 million followers. The recent changes Instagram has rolled out have prioritized “recommended videos,” filling users’ feeds with videos from accounts that aren’t relevant to the user instead of content from accounts they follow. Instagram is also pushing out video reels instead of photos, which means a lot of content goes unseen by users, further upsetting content creators and users alike.

What’s the Big Deal with Consumer Data Privacy?

What should companies be doing, both in the near term and the long term, to set themselves up for success in an increasingly data privacy-focused world? We’ve got recommendations to help you make the right moves now to protect data integrity and continuity in the face of forced migration away from Universal Analytics and to evolve your data privacy strategy for the long run.

8 Signs Your CX May be Headed for Heartbreak

Increasingly, CX leaders are recognizing that traditional metrics like NPS and CSAT are really lagging indicators that highlight when a problem has already occurred, but offer limited utility when it comes to taking action. Here are 8 signals of distress to look for at key CX make-or-break moments so you can take action before before it’s too late.

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9 Quantitative Research Methods With Real Client Examples

Understanding what customers are expecting from you is essential to developing products and services that meet their ever-changing needs. A lot of the time, companies gauge customer preferences by the gut feelings of their sales and service staff or executive visionaries. But, there’s a more reliable way to gather this information: research.

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Stabilizing Your Facebook Advertising Strategy Post-iOS 14.5 Release

If you’re grappling with the impacts of the iOS 14.5 release and ATT enforcement on your Facebook ad campaigns, here are some key considerations and recommendations to help you navigate through the immediate challenges and set a course for a smoother road ahead.

Measuring customer engagement

9 Metrics That Help Measure Customer Engagement

Gaining new customers is only half the battle when it comes to sustaining a healthy business — keeping customers engaged and loyal to your company long-term is just as important. Sometimes, that’s easier said than done, especially considering the changing nature of customer preferences.

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Defining & Maximizing Value Realization For Customers

Value realization is the moment a customer discovers or recognizes the value of your product or service. Accelerating this moment can turn curious shoppers into long term customers or new users into loyal advocates.

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The What, Why & How of Customer Behavior Analysis

The world is changing fast, and customer behaviors are evolving with it. In order to win and succeed in a fluid environment, brands and businesses must gather the most meaningful data to put action-oriented and results-producing plans together.

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Tallwave Takes Texas: Meet the Dallas Team

Now that our Dallas office is open for business, we’d like to introduce you to the Tallwavers ready to shake things up and make waves for clients, new and old.

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How to Holistically Map Your Customer Experience

Customer experience mapping isn’t just a trendy term. In 2021, it’s an absolute must-have practice and process for businesses who wish to remain competitive in the modern age.

What’s In Store For the Future of Travel?

This past week, our very own Vice President of Strategy Jesus Ramirez sat down with Christine Kettmer, Senior Director of Customer Experience and Innovation for Marriott International, to discuss the future of travel during a Brand Innovators series. It was such a good conversation packed with so many valuable insights, that we decided to dedicate this week’s CX news roundup around the future of travel, as well.

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This Week In CX: Brands Put Humans, Connections & Post-COVID Plans First

The first work week of 2021 has officially come to a close and what a week it’s been. Our country collectively experienced a roller coaster of emotions – from hope and optimism to shock and despair – but, through it all, individuals and brands continued to prove that if we put humans first and work together to create positive change, we can and will prevail.

Crafting Employee Experiences That Improve Customer Experiences

Employees are a company’s first customer and oftentimes, the driver and deliverers of customer experience. Whether working behind the scenes or interacting with customers first-hand, the satisfaction and fulfillment employees have with their work and pride they feel for their companies impacts every touchpoint of the consumer journey.

Why Tallwavers – Old & New – Say Tallwave Is a Great Place to Work

In 2020, we were honored to be voted a Best Place to Work in Phoenix by the Phoenix Business Journal. But after receiving the award, it made us wonder: What exactly do employees tell applicants, friends, family and clients when they ask why Tallwave is a great place to work? That question led us to do what we know best: Ask our team for their input.

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This Week in CX: LinkedIn Goes Shopping, Burger King Loans Its Crown & More

Just one week until holiday break and brands are wrapping up the year by looking to the future. With trust and safety being customers’ main concern in 2021, companies like Volvo are talking about germ-fighting cars, AR/AI and voice technologies are preparing to usher in the era of contactless UI, and Burger King is proving that a little sharing and kindness can go a long way.

Help Us Support Healthcare Heroes This Holiday Season

If you had told us at the beginning of the year – when humans all over the world were cheering in the new year, making personal and professional resolutions, and kissing their loved ones – that in just a few weeks, the entire world as we knew it would change, we wouldn’t have believed you.

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Solving for the Lack of Diversity in CX

We learned one very big lesson in 2020: You can’t solve for the lack of diversity in customer experiences until you deal with diversity issues in your own employee experience.

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What Is CX & Why Does It Matter

CX – also known as customer experience – defines how people feel about brands and businesses. It’s the impression a brand leaves on a person and It encompasses everything – every stage, every conversation, every interaction that takes place over time and across a variety of channels – that ultimately informs and drives customer acquisition, retention, loyalty, and advocacy.

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Real People Told Us What They Want From Healthcare in 2021

Healthcare companies have been flocking to us in droves with the question, “How do we change for the future?” To provide strategic solutions, we first asked people who the answers impact most: patients and practitioners.

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The Zoomie Awards: 2020 Winners

As a people-centric company, we love being around each other. Our teammates are awesome and we take every excuse to celebrate our wins, no matter how big or small. Whether it’s lunch gatherings, coffee breaks, or happy hour, we always find a way to enjoy each other.

Badass CX in the Time of COVID-19

We found four key themes that illustrate how companies are adapting their CX to meet customer needs during the Coronavirus outbreak.

How to Brainstorm for Innovation

Brainstorming isn’t always easy. Here’s how to brainstorm for innovation with a few of our favorite brainstorming activities.

Is Traditional Media Dead?

Streaming services are on the rise, but traditional media still reigns supreme. Incorporating traditional and digital media can build an integrated marketing campaign.

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