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From clicks to care: Connecting with consumers through content strategy


Medicare made easy: Creating customer-centric content to guide older adults and their caregivers to the right coverage

Turning 65 is an event to celebrate, but blowing out those candles can come with complexities.


There are many decisions to make, including choosing the right Medicare coverage. Our client, a large regional healthcare system, understood this challenge and wanted to not only help adults over 65 make better-informed decisions about their healthcare coverage, but also offer guidance and support throughout the entire Medicare journey.


They offered a variety of Medicare Advantage Plan options to meet the diverse needs of Medicare consumers. But simply offering great plan options wasn’t enough to guide consumers through what can be a daunting process. They needed to reach and engage their target audience with stage-specific content presented in a friendly, accessible way to ensure their audience had the information they needed to move confidently through their Medicare journeys and make informed decisions.


That’s where Tallwave came in. We worked closely with our client to understand their audience and develop a customer-centric content strategy for a website experience that met audience needs and increased organic search visibility. We broke down complex Medicare terms into easy-to-understand language, researched keywords suitable for our audience and their intent, created an information hierarchy that supported the buyer’s journey, and most importantly, gave them the confidence to choose the right Medicare plan for their needs.


Through this work, Tallwave helped our client see a 235% increase in year-over-year traffic to Medicare-related content on their website, as well as a 105% lift in the number of Medicare-related search terms they ranked for on Google’s coveted first page of results.


With Tallwave’s help, our client’s website traffic soared by 235%, and we secured dominant positions on Google’s first page for relevant terms, with a 105% increase in rankings.

Increasing audience awareness through targeted organic reach


Showing up for older adults and their families during a major life transition

Life after age 65 comes with many privileges, and enrolling in Medicare enables access to the healthcare needed to make the most of what comes next. Our client sought to connect with adults over 65 and/or their adult children/caregivers at this pivotal moment, so we needed to increase visibility to these unique audiences.


We also needed to achieve our client’s dream in record time. Medicare-related web content requires compliance review from a government agency. This meant our client needed the new content approved, online, and available to consumers in time for the open enrollment period — which was rapidly approaching.


Armed with a vision and a deadline, we set to work.


Using SEO and content strategy to raise awareness and build credibility

We knew our client sought to attract new Medicare enrollees by positioning their brand as a trusted partner. 


We began our discovery work by determining how our client’s specific audiences looked for information online through in-depth search journey analysis and linguistic profiling. Our insights uncovered that searchers seeking information about Medicare enter the information-seeking process with varying degrees of background knowledge. Next, we identified high-volume Medicare-related keywords for those just starting and seeking general knowledge, along with more specific long-tail keywords to connect consumers with needed information regardless of their starting point. 


We also considered the devices and tools our client’s audiences use on their search journeys. Take voice-activated speakers, for example. While younger users leverage them for multitasking, a surprising 51% of adults over age 55 prioritize accessing answers instantly. This key insight revealed through our linguistic profiling fueled the decision to optimize content with a conversational, question-and-answer approach, mirroring how these devices deliver search results.

Defining moment

Reaching prospective Medicare enrollees earlier in the journey

Our discovery work clarified for us that the best way to help our client guide prospective Medicare enrollees into the right plans was to connect with them earlier in the journey, not just when they’re looking for information on specific plans and how to enroll but before that when they’re trying to understand what Medicare is and how it works. Fueled by our insight that highlighted the need to create easy-to-understand content, we realized that the best way to meet our searchers where they were in their journeys was to create 40 pages of new “Medicare 101” content.  The new content needed to be organized with internal links so searchers could travel through connected pages to build upon and synthesize their findings, so we created a visual sitemap to define content hierarchy, map the flow of information across pages,  and improve how searchers interacted with content.

Pages of new content created
1 %
increase in y/y traffic
1 %
increase in ranking keywords


Letting search journey analysis and linguistic profiling guide content creation and information hierarchy

Navigating Medicare can be daunting, not just for seniors entering eligibility but also for their caregivers who want to help. We faced this challenge head-on for our client by executing a two-pronged approach:

  1. First, we constructed an SEO-enabled, customer-centric content strategy to speak to adults transitioning into Medicare eligibility by ranking for terms relevant to how they interact with Google and other search engines.
  2. Second, we created an online experience supporting them in the next phase of their lives by answering their questions and instilling confidence.

With the consumers’ needs and our customer-centric approach in mind, Tallwave determined that the key to meeting these objectives was to attract a problem-aware audience to our client’s Medicare website through content aligned to their information-seeking searches, including:

  • What is Medicare?
  • How much does Medicare cost?
  • Am I eligible for Medicare?
  • How do I enroll in Medicare?How do I choose a Medicare plan?
  • How does Medicare work?

We met the audience’s need for knowledge and raised awareness and organic reach for our client through an education-focused content strategy aligned to general queries about Medicare as a whole rather than focusing exclusively on low-funnel queries aimed at conversion or on the details of any specific plan.

Do better

Customer-centric content strategy enables client and consumer success

By understanding the needs and preferences of adults and caregivers when seeking Medicare enrollment information, we were able to better guide their journeys toward informed decisions. 

We enabled our client’s success with a customer-focused content marketing strategy supported by an informed understanding of the audience and their search intent, backed by research and data. Our client’s dream of reaching older adults and their families translated into real results. 

Website traffic soared by 235%, and we secured a dominant position on Google’s first page for relevant terms, with a 105% increase in rankings.

Let great content foster connections with knowledge and trust

Imagine turning website traffic into informed decisions with results that speak for themselves. By building trust and understanding through a customer-centric content strategy, we helped our client connect with families at a crucial moment in their lives. Ready to build stronger relationships with your target audience? Let Tallwave guide you every step of the way.

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