How we work

Tallwave helps startups build their products and take them to market. We call this commercialization.

We do this with a unique combination of hands-on services, networks, and capital. Our approach is a combination of lean startup (because we want to extract risk), design thinking (because that’s where the innovation happens), operational systems (because startups need to get things done), and networks (because it’s all about who you know).

This approach helps innovators build products users love, drive adoption, and structure their company for growth. It makes startups more attractive to customers, users, and investors.

Entrepreneurial Education

Venture Blueprint

Startup Competition

High Tide

Hands-on Services

Venture Services

Strategic Capital

Tallwave Commercialization Fund

Who we work with

SaaS. eCommerce. Ad Tech. Mobile Companies.

From startups to growth companies, and sometimes even larger enterprises, we specialize in taking a lean approach to building, launching and scaling SaaS, eCommerce, Ad Tech and Mobile Companies.

Our Portfolio and Clients


Ethology is an integrated digital marketing agency for evolving consumer brands.

SOOH Media

SOOH Media is an interactive photo kiosk that performs key marketing functions for brands and venues.

SyCara Local

Sycara Local helps merchants with physical locations rank higher in local search results.


Shelvspace is the premier mobile platform for wholesale distribution, matching the best CPG products with coveted C-store and big box retail shelf space.

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What we do

We help startups build their products and take them to market by providing entrepreneurs and innovators systems to build successful products and drive growth. Unlike incubators, accelerators, and other business builders, Tallwave provides a unique combination of hands-on services, networks, and capital.

Venture Services

Tallwave Venture Services provides startups a combination of processes, systems, and expertise to build their products and take them to market in a way that is market-driven and operationally sustainable.

Successful startups do three things well. They engage the market early and often. They build small and fast – so they can learn and drive revenue. And they stay laser-focused – balancing strategy with getting things done. The team at Tallwave provides processes, systems, and expertise focused on those three areas.

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High Tide

High Tide is a startup competition that helps entrepreneurs engage their market, build their products, and understand their business in order to become more fundable.

Think of High Tide as a moving sidewalk. You’re already moving your business forward, High Tide just helps you move along a little faster. High Tide helps entrepreneurs actually accomplish what is necessary to build a startup into a successful business. Founders who participate in High Tide have the opportunity to leverage Tallwave’s systems for demand validation, product and marketing development, and investor preparation. And participants gain access and introductions to Tallwave’s networks of executives, partners, potential customers, and funding sources. At the end of High Tide, founders’ companies will be in a more fundable state.

Venture Blueprint

Venture Blueprint is a startup curriculum that provides entrepreneurs with the knowledge, tools, and experience to launch and grow their businesses. Supported by Tallwave’s proven methodologies, Venture Blueprint is designed to accelerate early-stage startups and assist the entrepreneur in developing a foundation and roadmap for their Minimum Viable Business.

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Who We Are

Jeffrey Pruitt - CEO, Founder and Partner of Tallwave
Jeffrey Pruitt

CEO, Co-founder, Partner

Robert Wallace - Executive Vice President of Venture Services
Robert Wallace

EVP Venture Services

Bob Hobbs Jr. - Partner & Founder of Tallwave
Bob Hobbs Jr.

Partner & Co-founder

Jerrod Bailey - Vice President of Business Development and Partner
Jerrod Bailey

VP Business Development & Partner

Dan Boberg - Co-Founder, Senior Vice President of Digital and Partner
Dan Boberg

Co-founder & SVP Digital & Partner

Kevin Goldman - Chief Design Architect
Kevin Goldman

Chief Design Architect

Paul Van Tuyl - Senior Product Designer
Paul Van Tuyl

Sr. Product Designer

Jesus Ramirez - VP of Product
Jesus Ramirez

VP Product

Matt Nixon - Business Development Manager
Matt Nixon

Business Development Manager

David Branstrator - Product Designer
David Branstrator

Product Designer

Jon Hall - Director of Sales
Jon Hall

Director Sales

Gina Megliola - Accounting
Gina Megliola


Chelsea Winkel - Design Strategist
Chelsea Winkel

Design Strategist

Eduardo Borromeo - VP Operations and Delivery
Eduardo Borromeo

VP Operations & Delivery

Tanner Tegtmeyer - Senior Venture Associate
Tanner Tegtmeyer

Sr. Venture Associate

Scott Bulloch - Front End Developer
Scott Bulloch

Front End Developer

Leighton Kountz - Venture Associate
Leighton Kountz

Venture Associate

Adam Hakes - Controller – Tallwave & Portfolio Companies
Adam Hakes

Controller – Tallwave & Portfolio Companies

Joseph Miller - Venture Associate
Joseph Miller

Venture Associate

Nicole Rodenbach - Project Coordinator
Nicole Rodenbach

Project Coordinator

Sarah Gray - Sales Operations Associate
Sarah Gray

Sales Operations Associate


Here at Tallwave, at our core, we’re entrepreneurs. We’re lean and design thinking focused and constantly finding the best way to solve solutions and move business forward at scale. We understand that takes much more than balance sheets and income statements. It’s about building relationships, connecting and making an impact at a personal level. We’re building something meaningful and helping others do the same.

Could you be the next addition to our team? Take a look at our current openings and reach out if something catches your eye.

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