The Challenge

For two decades legal professionals, risk managers, and executives have trusted LbGlobalLaw to provide proven consultative solutions for their legal spend management needs. LbGlobalLaw knew they played in a mature industry, and they saw the market was moving toward a younger, more tech-savvy, audience.

The company needed a brand architecture that could maintain its existing service business, a self-serve, data analytics software application and a brand new, transformational software solution.

The challenge was how to sell something to the “masses” without diminishing the “luxury” service brand they built over 20 years. The rebrand had to address this concern, while also shifting customer perceptions of the brand from stodgy to extraordinary.


Tallwave worked with LbGlobalLaw on branding and positioning to articulate their differentiated value, compelling voice, and visual identity to help them win the hearts and minds of current and prospective customers. Tallwave helped clarify the brand’s structure, purpose, benefits, and humanize its story.

Tallwave’s brand and business strategists...

  • Facilitated a branding and naming workshop.
  • Created a Brand ID (colors, logo, and visuals).
  • Developed brand messaging, including brand story, value propositions, positioning statement, benefits and reasons to believe.
  • Transition the core branding into externally facing website and marketing materials to implement the rebrand.
  • Project managed the internal rollout of the new brand


LbGlobalLaw wanted to win people’s hearts and minds with a name that reflected the vision and the innovation the company was producing. Contemporary but not trendy, technical but not intimidating, the name Quovant was chosen.

Tallwave worked hard to translate the new look and feel into a clear visual and verbal brand identity. This new identity was delivered consistently across every touchpoint, most notably

Since the rebranding in Summer 2015, employees have been completely re-energized - finding it easier to explain the company’s products, benefits, and why they are playing a role in changing their industry. The company has signed marquee customers including one of the world’s largest soft drink makers and one of the world’s largest biotech firms.