Make or Break Moments

Helping Clients Win inMoments that Matter There’s no better testament to our ability to be a force for unstoppable momentum than the success of our clients Whether it’s optimizing the purchase experience, enhancing the post-purchase journey, or refining how organizations deliver a consistent customer experience, here’s how we’ve helped companies across the spectrum break down […]

Service Blueprinting

Service Blueprinting Creating a unified vision and strategy for customer experience transformation to fuel organizational growth What is Service Blueprinting? The term “service blueprint” refers to the visualized output of a structured, multi-phased process to analyze, understand, and map the confluence of the people, processes, and systems involved in delivering a specific service or experience. […]

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping Helping brands know their customers better to create truly customer-centered experiences What is Customer Journey Mapping? Customer journey mapping is a process through which a company explores the different paths a prospective customer might follow to go from awareness to consideration, conversion, and usage of a product, service, or brand. Where service […]

Approach 2

The Tallwave Way Our unique approach to solving our clients’ problems allows us to think outside the box to craft solutions and experiences that really speak to their customers, and keep them coming back. What makes us different Unlike traditional agencies, we look beyond the digital customer touchpoints to consider the entire customer experience. Our […]

Home 2

We believe experience is everything We’re a customer experience design company. We partner with change agents within the world’s most ambitious companies to create exceptional customer experiences. Helping Brands Succeed in Make-or-Break Moments At Tallwave, we’ve identified several moments along the customer journey that can strengthen or weaken the relationship between you and your customers. […]


Make Way for Mom: Why Better Employee Experiences for Working Mothers Is the New Competitive Advantage

It’s the last day of Women’s History Month—the end of 31 days of commemorating and celebrating over a century of sacrifice, courage, and contributions from women throughout history. While there’s plenty to celebrate, there’s also cause for concern as the hard-won gains made by women in the workplace are at risk.


8 Signs Your CX May be Headed for Heartbreak

Increasingly, CX leaders are recognizing that traditional metrics like NPS and CSAT are really lagging indicators that highlight when a problem has already occurred, but offer limited utility when it comes to taking action. Here are 8 signals of distress to look for at key CX make-or-break moments so you can take action before before it’s too late.

CX Enhancement

Is Your Customer Experience Making it or Breaking it? Customer loyalty is won (and lost) in key CX moments We focus on the moments that matter most Tallwave’s CX Enhancement Solutions help you reimagine your customer experience to drive better business outcomes. Whether it’s optimizing the purchase experience, enhancing the post-purchase journey, or refining how […]


Data Driven Insights into the Evolving Customer Experience

The world as we know it has changed forever. Or has it?


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